Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bullet Points: Give Your Book Some Beach Muscle!

Part One--Get Noticed Fast

By Susan Kendrick

Greetings. Well, it's been a while, which usually means I've been writing for clients, so my writing here takes a break. But, here's a new series I think you'll like.

This is part one of a new article in the Copywriting Fitness series I've been writing for IBPA (Independent Book Publishing Association -- formerly PAM). This article is designed to help you give your book the most high-visibility, buy-me-now advantage of successful book marketing—bullet points, beach muscle for your book.

(Since this is a longer article, I will be posting it in sections over the next few days.)

Get Noticed Fast!

Let’s face it, bullet points are for show. Their job is to stand out, get noticed, and attract the attention of people who might not read anything else in your marketing copy.

While your core positioning statement gives your book power for the long haul--with readers, your industry, the media, and joint venture partners--bullet points are meant to be a little more flashy. They are a teaser, offering just enough information to make someone want to get their hands on your book—now!

That’s why bullet points are one of your best sales tools, on your back cover copy, your website, media pitches, catalogue copy, anywhere you publicize your book. They quickly assure your reader that what your book delivers is something they need and want.

NEXT: Part Two -- "How Bullet Points Work" and "The Quick-Start Guide to Bullet Points"

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