Saturday, November 22, 2008

Book Cover Coaching: 5 Reasons to Write Your Back Cover Copy While You're Still Writing Your Book--part 4

#4. Enjoy Having Instant Book Website Copy Ready to Go

By Susan Kendrick

Here it is – Reason #4 in this Book Back Cover series.

With all you have to do to publish your book--finalizing your manuscript; moving on to interior design, production, and printing; setting up a book website, etc.--do yourself the favor of eliminating at least one task from that often overwhelming to-do list: Writing your website copy.

With your book’s back cover copy in hand, you already have the content for the book landing page of your website. We advise our clients to cut and paste their back cover copy right into that page and have seen incredible book-selling websites get up and going very quickly this way. And, because that back cover copy is designed to SELL your book on the back cover, it is ready to do that same thing on your website, and in 350 words or less for a great billboard effect there as well.

Good for your book -- Good for your website!

Think about it. In developing your book’s back cover copy, you’ve already made your most important positioning and branding decisions. And, the copy itself is the best sales rep you have:
- A great headline
- Stand-out-from-the-crowd Intro copy
- Powerhouse bullets
- Killer endorsements (or endorsements in the works, see previous post)
- An “About the Author” bio that reinforces your credibility, expert status, and related services
- A Call-to-Action that instantly builds your list of qualified prospects
- And more …

To complete this book website content, all you need is the book’s front cover graphic and a buy button to start promoting and even pre-selling your book while you are finalizing the book itself. With your author credibility established, this web page can also introduce and link to your consulting services, speaking, seminars, etc.

Make Your Back Cover Copy a Book Marketing Priority!

Your book’s back cover copy is the foundation of your BRAND and ALL YOUR BOOK MARKETING EFFORTS. Yes, it’s that important. Make the copywriting for your back cover a once-and-done success that you can use to build powerful, at-a-glance visibility for you, your message, and your ability to help your target market. We work with and personally advise hundreds of authors and experts, so we know how well this back cover process works--on your book and on your website. Consider contacting us if you want help creating those same results for you and your book, or just need help thinking through your book’s back cover copy. It’s easiest to reach us at Or, call us at 1-888-634-4120 and we’ll return your call within 24 hours.

Happy Publishing!

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