Monday, November 17, 2008

Book Cover Coaching: 5 Reasons to Write Your Back Cover Copy While You're Still Writing Your Book

#1. It's Easier to Write and/or Finish Your Book

By Susan Kendrick

As promised, this week you get a series of five reasons to write your book’s back cover positioning and sales copy as early as possible, ideally while you are still writing your book. If you take a look again at the last post, on when you should start the entire book cover and why, you’ll notice how these reasons overlap.

Why Is the Back Cover Such a Big Deal?

It’s important to specifically emphasize the importance of starting your back cover early, because the back cover copy often becomes an afterthought in the book design process. But, when you approach the back cover more proactively, you give yourself a powerful foundation to your brand and to your book marketing success. You literally build that success right into the book itself and start making a name for yourself while you’re still working on your book.

Don't Be the Only One Working Hard on Your Book!

Put together your back cover copy as soon as possible, so that when your book is officially released, it has already been building your reputation as an expert on your topic, paving the way to higher consulting fees and higher-end speaking engagements, and generating pre-orders for your book. In other words, while you’re still working hard on your book, your book cover is already working just as hard for you!

So here you go—the first of five reasons to starting your back cover positioning and sales copy while you’re still writing your book.

1. It's Easier to Write and/or Finish Your Book
Quite simply, if you have a working version of your book back cover copy in front of your while you’re working on your manuscript, you are literally working with the end in mind. That is, your back cover copy is where you decide how you will tell readers and buyers exactly what is contained in the pages of your book and how that benefits them. And, during the back cover process, you will no doubt come up with some ideas about what should be in your book if you have not planned for it already. For example, you may decide to tighten your audience niche, that your book is just for start-up businesses vs. any business; parents of children under 12 vs. all parents; people retiring alone vs. people retiring as a couple; cancer-fighting foods and lifestyle habits for women vs. men and women. From there, you may even decide that you have the potential to write not just one book, but a series of books for various target audiences. Developing your back cover copy is full of exciting “Aha” moments about your message, your mission, your target audience, your business, and most importantly about you and what you ideally want to and can offer. All this from your back cover! Start your back cover while you're completing your book and create not just a better book cover, but a better book, or books!

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Back Cover to Bestseller, then come back tomorrow for Reason #2.

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