Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Google Instant Preview: How Does Your Website Look?

Does Your Website Look Good in Google Instant Preview?

By Susan Kendrick

If you've ever been tempted to pack a lot onto your web pages, this is your wake-up call.
Size is everything now. I talk a lot about how important it is for your book cover and other branding elements to command attention and respect even on increasingly smaller online formats like smart phones. But, now the same thing applies to your websites and blogs as well.

Here's What's Happening
Google Instant Preview is a way to evaluate whether or not a web page has information you are interested in without you having to go to the particular site. You can also quickly compare the basic look and feel of each website to others that come up in your search. You simply preview "thumbnails" of these sites right on the Google search results page.

YouTube Tour of How Google Instant Preview Works

Click on the image below to watch:


See Your Website the Way Your Prospects Do

Search your company name in Google and see how your home page looks on Google Instant Preview.

- Is it appealing, professional, clean, free of clutter?
- Does a main headline and/or a single powerful graphic pop out at you?
- Is the page broken into chunks of copy that make it look easy to read?
- Does it make you want to know more, or look like much work to figure out?
- How does it compare with the preview pages of other websites?

Now, search a key word or phase you know will bring up a particular page on your website.

See how the place on the page that contains that search term stands out as a text call-out. Is this what you want your prospects to see? Does it help "sell" them on your website, expertise, quality of information you provide? 

I talk a lot about thumbnail versions of your book and eBook covers and how they have to work just as hard for you as the full-size versions--sometimes harder. Now with "thumbnail" browsing, your website has to compete in a smaller format as well.

We judge books by their covers. And, now your prospects are judging your website by its thumbnail. Make sure yours stands out as inviting, low on clutter, and high in content.

Website Graphic Tips: Choose fewer, larger, bolder images for your web pages.

Website Content Tips: Write website copy for how it looks in addition to what it says. Less-is-more has always been a cornerstone of great website copywriting. Now it is more important that ever. Get to the point and make your visitors want to know more.

If you have questions or want feedback on your website content and how you can condense it for more appeal, contact us at info@writetoyourmarket.com.

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