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How to Get BIG Name Testimonials

One Author's Story

By Susan Kendrick

One of the questions we get asked most often about book covers, websites, speaker materials, media materials, and other marketing vehicles, is "How do I get testimonials?"

My last post,
Want Killer Testimonials? Write Them Yourself, presented some basic background and how-to's on how to write those testimonials for your quote sources to review and approve. What I want to do now is show you a good example of an author we worked with who learned to be very self-sufficient about getting big-name experts and bestselling authors to endorse her book. Part of that process involved, you guessed it, helping to craft those testimonials herself.

She Got 20 Big-Name Quotes -- from Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Debbie Allen, and more!

Laura Cardone, founder of
Profits With Purpose, Inc., is the author of Motivation at Work: Transform Your Business in Six Extraordinary Steps. As you can see on her Book Back Cover, she ended up creating that copy almost exclusively from those big-name endorsements, which she got all on her own. She originally started out with more sales copy. But, when those endorsements came pouring in, she saw an opportunity to give her book tremendous credibility and used those quotes instead. She even quoted herself from her book, putting her in good company with these other bestselling authors. And, if you think Laura's back cover endorsements are impressive, check out Laura's Book Front Cover and the endorsement from Brian Tracy.

Now, take a look at how Laura uses those quotes on various pages of her website, from her home page to her tools and services page. In fact, another reason I chose Laura as an example is because of her topic. She may be of interest to you if you are a busy entrepreneur (who isn't?) who wants to "add more zeros to your bottom-line AND more time for yourself."

Two Things You Can Learn From This Book Cover ... and This Author

(1.) As I pointed out in
writing testimonials, work with your quote sources to make the process as easy, stress-free, and as positive an experience as possible. And, don't just think of the endorsement process as you asking someone for something. Think of what you can do for someone by giving them visibility on your book cover, website, etc., with a well-written testimonial that makes them look good, too. As in all parts of marketing, you are creating partners. Follow Laura Cardone's example. She didn't just go asking for quotes, she created mutually beneficial relationships.
NOTE: Laura says she created additional value for both her readers and her quote sources by including information about her sources' unique gifts and talents inside the book as well. "When we pass along referrals for products and services we believe in, we feed the web of life," says Laura. "We share helpful information and everybody wins!"

(2.) You, too, can become self-sufficient in your marketing when it comes to getting big-name testimonials. Being able to put a quote from Brian Tracy on the front cover of your book is proof of that. What Laura did is follow some basic advice and then take it from there. Here's what she says about that process. I have to admit that this is a plug for our double-CD set, but if getting killer testimonials like Laura's sounds good to you, you should know how she did it:

"This program helped me attract powerful testimonials from more than twenty bestselling authors and business leaders, including Brian Tracy. The tools and templates eliminated unnecessary bottlenecks, costly mistakes, and revisions. Thank you for sharing your expertise!”

To do what Laura did, check out
Bestselling Book Cover.

Too Late to Add Testimonials to Your Book Cover?

Fine! Add them to your website, your speaker materials, your media materials, every piece of marketing where you want to boost your credibility as a highly regarded expert on your topic. When you start the testimonial process early, you can usually get the ones you want for your book cover. But you will continue to get endorsements after your book is published, so use them throughout your marketing, and on your book cover when it's time to reprint.

Still to come ... details on how to avoid the most common copywriting mistakes when writing testimonials for source approval.

Happy Publishing!

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