Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Book Cover Coaching: Back Cover Copy for Online Sales

Living Proof! More Ways to Use
Back Cover Sales Copy
to Boost Online Sales

By Susan Kendrick

It's been awhile, I know. But, I'm back, and with another great example of how smart authors get the most selling power from their book back covers online. Take a look at this book purchase page for Leveraging Diversity by Kim Olver and Sylvester Baugh. My partner, Graham Van Dixhorn, worked with Kim and Sylvester to develop the subtitle and back cover copy for this book. On this purchase page, you see the front cover of the book . . . and this:

"Click here to read back cover of book."

This is a perfect example of how to quickly convert browsers into buyers. You are no doubt already familiar with the statistic that book buyers spend no more than 15 seconds looking at the back cover of your book. What you say back their has to make them "get it!" and want what's inside.

It's the same online
You have just seconds to make an impression before your potential buyer clicks away to another page--or someone else's website. The condensed, powerful positioning copy you painstakingly develop for your back cover already says it all and is designed to sell. Make sure you put that all-in-one elevator speech to work on your website--or anywhere you want your book to be seen AND sold.

With the added boost of your book's cover design to make your back cover "sales package" really shine, your back cover headline, positioning message, testimonials, high profile bio, call to action, and more, become an irresistible sales pitch for your reader. Use it everywhere you can.

For more ideas about how to use your book cover online, check out our article posted on November 12, 9 Ways to Create Instant Website Content with Your Book Cover.

"From Back Cover to Bestseller"
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