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Book Cover Coaching: 5 Places to Send Online Press Releases Right Now

Get the Word Out!
5 Places to Send Online Press Releases Right Now

By Susan Kendrick

(See the 5 websites and link to Entrepreneur Magazine how-to's, below.)

Sending out press releases online is just one more way to rev up your book marketing efforts, even if your book hasn't been released yet. This is because press releases are not just announcements about your book or product. Ideally they show how your message, approach, technique, process, etc. relates to currently newsworthy topics and trends.

The real goal of your press releases

The real goal of your press releases is to position yourself as an expert resource, someone with vast experience and knowledge of a particular issue or topic. You want to be someone that journalists, TV producers, and radio show hosts confidently turn to for background info, a comment, or full interview. When you describe yourself as the author of a "forthcoming book" (another good reason to finalize your book title as early as possible), you further enhance your expert status.

The thing to remember is that your press releases are not about you--they are a way to make your expertise available in a way that helps media professionals do their jobs better. This is just one more way that helping others is the best way to help yourself.

Entering the daily flow of online press release distribution should become a consistent part of your book marketing efforts, whether your book has already been released, or is still in the development stage. And, like everything you do to promote your book, view your press releases as another good way to reach out and create relationships, this time with the large number of media professionals who are always looking for reliable sources of great information.

Here are 5 ways to get out there and be seen by decision-makers online!

See a recent article in Entrepreneur magazine for tips on using each of these services. Go to

(Scroll halfway down the page to the "Spread the Word" article.)

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