Friday, October 19, 2007

Book Cover Coaching: Shopping Cart System

What Has Your Shopping Cart Done for You Lately?

By Susan Kendrick

OK, it's Friday, and I'm ready to unabashedly rave about how great our shopping cart system is. All week it's been doing amazing things for us. If you don't have a shopping cart system yet, if you have a love-hate relationship with your shopping cart, or if you simply want to do things on your shopping cart more easily--read on.

The pre-crash days
Our old shopping cart was quirky, hard to access (impossible) without help (total intervention) from our web designer. Then it crashed a whole network of users. That’s when we switched. And, here's why we chose our new one.

Our new cart is not only easy to use . . .
We've now had our new shopping cart system for almost a year. It lets you quickly add or change products, prices, special promotions, and more with just a few clicks. You can add free downloads of special reports, MP3s, and other ways you reach out to or stay in touch with website visitors and your customer base. Plus, you not only track actual product sales, but how many people even click on any given link. You can split-test different headlines, links, etc. Add to that all the features we have yet to use--and it's still all really quick and easy.

And that's the key
You should be able to go into your shopping cart system whenever you have a good idea --and make that idea happen right now. No waiting for someone else with the keys to the mansion to set things up for you.

One of the things we like best,
and what gives us the greatest sense of trust and confidence in this shopping cart, is that when we do have a question, there is a real person, one of a small group of technical support staff, that picks up the phone every time you call. They will answer any question, walk you through any step, and even check what you've done to make sure everything will run smoothly for your next big product launch or promotion--all over the phone.

Take it for a free test drive
Try this shopping cart for 30 days for free, and see what you think. Set up a product, special report, broadcast email, etc. In just a few minutes from now, you can be ready.
Click here for more information and your FREE, 30-Day trial membership

One more time--does your shopping cart do all this?
Selling online should be easy. You spend enough time and energy developing new products and services, thinking of ways to stay in touch with your customers, getting people to take action once they get to your website, etc. Your shopping cart should be there simply making it happen. This one does!

* A real person picks up the phone and answers your questions—every time.
* Dozens of special features are designed with you, the online entrepreneur, in mind, whether you’re just getting started or already selling millions of dollars in products and services
* You can choose from affordable yearly or monthly payment plans
* It's compatible with more than 50 major merchant gateways—this is huge!

You owe it to yourself and your business to at least take a look. This is the same shopping cart system used and recommended by Tom Antion and many other top Internet marketers who also use this powerful, super easy system. Look around and you'll see what I mean.
Now, click here your FREE 30-Day test drive

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