Sunday, September 30, 2007

Book Cover Coaching: "I See Book Titles"

Book Titles Are Everywhere . . .
When you look at the world through "brand-colored" glasses

By Susan Kendrick

The other night I watched part of the movie The Sixth Sense. On Friday there was a great interview on NPR. Magazines of all kinds come through here. I look at and listen to everything for what might become the seed of a great book title, business tagline, sound bite or, in this case, the title for this article. Do you see how giving a twist to that famous line from The Sixth Sense created a fresh, unexpected, but very fitting title for this article topic? This is just one more bit of proof that book titles, taglines, and other branding sound bites are all around you, just waiting to be found.

Giving a twist to a familiar phrase is a great book title strategy. Any familiar phrase, even a famous line from a blockbuster movie, is so much a part of our common language that you can throw a twist into it and get that great “Aha!” reaction when you say it. And isn’t that the reaction you want for your book, your business, your brand? The same thing happens with “brand-colored” glasses, part of the headline of this article. With no explanation, you get the meaning because of your familiarity with the idea of looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. With that simple twist, I’ve given you a powerful way to remember a technique that will help you in all your marketing efforts (and where you heard it!). Imagine all the possibilities out there for you and your book or information product.

You can’t have much more fun than this! And, that fun, that life that springs out of you when you go trekking after a few good words that will become the title for your book or information product, headline, sizzling sound bite, or brand-building tagline, is the very thing that will help you find a truly great one.

Hard work is usually required to make the really big things happen in life. But hard work does not mean drudgery or brow-beating. Have fun. Be open. Look at everything around you through brand-colored glasses!

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